This post will be short. That’s because I’m exhausted. Exhausted from what, you ask? BEING FUCKING AWESOME. See, for years, that bullshit you fed me worked, and so, logically, you thought that it would work again…but unfortunately you didn’t heed my warnings. You see, I am generous…detrimentally so. I give and give of myself until there is nothing left; then I dig deep, and give some more…but once I’m done- I AM DONE. Finished. Cut. Next. Getting the picture? Here’s the thing: I have no ill will…in fact I wish you well. I will always love you for what you did for me, and who you helped me become. However, you lied to me repeatedly, and whenever I wouldn’t believe said lies, you tried to flip the script and make me the bad guy. But here’s the other thing- I’m not. You’re not either. But what’s done is done, and THIS is done. On the bright side, in case you were wondering, I’m not going to do ecstasy and meth, and then gouge out my eyes as a sacrifice to God (WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT?) Far from it. I’m doing yoga six days a week. I’m happy. I’m in touch with so many friends I forgot I had, that my phone stays poppin’. I’m still sexy. I’m healthy. And most importantly, I’M HAPPY. I am sooooo fucking happy. Transcendent meditation, crying tears of joy kind of happy. That feels so incredible. So please, stop calling this a misunderstanding. Just stop everything. Try to move on, because your chance to be a part of MY family has passed, and it will never come around again. I know that you made a terrible mistake, and you probably do, too. Unfortunately, it’s just….well, too little, too late…..