You must have got me twisted

Tied in knots, feeling conflicted

To stay or go is the question I ask

I usually stay, because you flash some cash

Or shower me with flowery words

Spoken promises; debts incurred

Which you may or may not pay

It’s like “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”

Make the ratchet in me come out

Having the same argument too many times to count

Your actions and words don’t coincide

I thought that now that I was gentrified

I could be your lady

But you look at me, and tell me maybe

Whilst I sit idly by

My daughters’ looking at me with their innocent blue eyes

While I perpetually feed them lies

About how they should be strong and independent

Then dubiously accept your lack of commitment

Playing the fool again

I’ve been taught this lesson, but I must learn again

If not for my own, then my daughters’ sakes

I refuse to let them make the same mistake


Now watch me rise

Be gone from me with your pettiness and lies

My patience too long has been tested

Being a role model for my children, I’ve neglected

But it’s time to set the record straight

What I’ve taught them- it’s not to late

To set the goal, to be the standard

I need more from you. I demand it.

You’ve given me advantages

But without you, I’ll still manage

With all my dignity intact

We both know how much you worry about that