W/we have been busy. In fact, busy may be the understatement of the century. He has been traveling for work, engaging in legal battle, and trying to wrap His mind around a new job prospect, all while making sure I don’t fall apart (I’m a very emotional creature), and continuing to do His best to help play His part with O/our small humans, and their ever-growing social landscape.

I have been flung into full-time work after not working (outside of school), for nearly four years. On top of which, I am taking on new supervisory duties, and taking graduate level courses in order to advance in new said job. All this, while trying to balance being a good mom, making sure the small humans are bathed, fed, loved, attended to, and doing well overall physically and mentally. Oh yeah, let’s throw into the mix that one small human has been diagnosed with a learning disability: dyslexia, so let’s not forget the 20-30 minutes of DAILY intervention that requires, as well as a once-weekly session with a dyslexia specialist.

Did I mention that Daddy is in the process of going after a job, that if procured,  threatens to change the entire topography of O/our situation, and cause U/us to move over a thousand miles to a town that neither of U/us have ever heard of before, in the middle of po-dunk nowheresville?

Because that is also happening…

On the bright side, O/our relationship is in the strongest place it’s ever been, I believe, and while things certainly are stressful, W/we are doing O/our best to handle it with grace and dignity.

On the down side, O/our kink slips further and further away from U/us. Weekends used to be exclusively for kinky debauchery, but now, with me working, it’s turned into: ‘How are the kids? What do we need to do to get ready for this week? Let’s go grocery shopping.’ And my favorite: ‘let’s coordinate O/our schedules for the next few weeks’.

One of the things that I have found that is spurring this, is I am constantly in ‘Top’ mode, and am unable to take that hat off and behave as the slave that I truly want to be. I am constantly making decisions, coordinating schedules, making things work, taking on new challenges, etc., and while that is awesome, it has made it rather hard to be told what to do and accept it without a fight. Don’t get me wrong, I usually come to my senses, but it used to be automatic. It’s tougher now. Daddy sees it. I see it. W/we’re trying to work through it together.

The other day, W/we were in a department store, and I was helping Him pick out shirts that I thought would look nice- W/we were both in the dressing room, and neither one of U/us thought, ‘Hey, I should totally give Master a quick blow job’ ….I mean, how sad is that? W/we just….shopped.

W/we have been brainstorming ways to bring the kink back in, because neither of U/us wants a vanilla relationship, and neither of U/us wants to fall into a relationship rut; right now it’s just hard. There’s a lot going on…A LOT. I hope the trip W/we have planned to NOLA in a few months will be a reset for U/us. That typically tends to be the case, I think partially due to the fact that it’s where W/we were when I was collared.

I know that things are crazy right now, and that life is throwing a lot at U/us. I also know that Daddy and I are stronger than the things that life has to throw at U/us, and that together, W/we will weather it, and come out stronger, more resilient, and kinkier than ever.

W/we are pure gold Daddy, the stuff relationship dreams are made of…that’s why all these ladies seem to have sticks up their areses when they encounter U/us. And another note, especially for You, Daddy. As far as Your job is concerned, You called Yourself the ‘pooper-scooper after the elephant parade’ – indicating that You have always taken the jobs that no one else wants…..I respectfully disagree. I submit, that with VERY few exceptions, You are the man with the Midas touch: everything You touch turns to gold. Be it Your job, me, O/our small humans, or a number of other things I could offer, You pour Yourself into it, and it becomes better. We are all better for having You. And W/we will be kinky again…but for now…vanilla never tasted so good.