This is not what I was expecting my first post to be about; this blog is supposed to be (primarily) about my health and wellness journey. Buuuut, here’s my logic: mental health and wellness are included on this journey I’m on, and doing something for myself that almost instantly lifts my confidence and self-image most certainly pertains, don’t cha think?

Also, I always scour the internet for information before I do anything, like any rational human these days, so if I can help out another soul who is on the fence, then I am doing my job.

So a little bit about me, I’m 33, I have two children, I’m working to become a yoga teacher, start my own coaching business, and trying to revive a romance that’s a thousand miles long distance. Oh yeah, I’m also a recovering alcoholic. So my body has been through some stuff…I’ve put it through some stress.

Even so, up until about three years ago, people used to always say “Oh, you look so young! What’s your secret?” To which I’d giggle and say ‘sunscreen’ or ‘good genes’ or something I’m sure was equally obnoxious. Somewhere down the line though, I noticed, people weren’t saying that so much any more….like, at all. So when my friend came out from Cali, and had glowing skin, I asked him what HIS secret was. He said glycolic acid; he said I could get it off Amazon for about fifteen bucks. So I did, and I started using it regularly. My skin was glowy, but those little lines were still bugging me, so I looked into places that did Botox near me. Low and behold, there was one right beside where I work, so I booked a consultation, and went on my way.

At my appointment, a nurse practitioner met with me, and told me all about how Botox works (essentially, it paralyzes the muscles that cause the wrinkles in the first place) and what side effects there could be. I decided I wanted to go ahead with it, and got I think 30 units total in my forehead, labella (that spot that makes the ’11’ wrinkle) and my crows feet.

It’s been 7 days today, and honestly, I could not be happier with the results. The nurse told me that the lines in my forehead may not completely disappear with my first treatment, but if they haven’t, I can’t see them. This is something that I will definitely be doing again in the future- it has taken years off my face, and makes me feel a lot more confident about going make-up free.

If you’re on the fence, and wanting something that will refresh your look, I would say unabashedly, go for it. It was well worth every penny of the $336 I spent.

Before Botox, and 7 days after
Before Botox, and 7 days after